These are some of the positions I have held at different companies and the work I did while being there. I also mention the tech stack I personally used at the time, omitting any technologies the company used but I wasn’t actively involved with.

Lead Software Engineer @ Alpima

As the company grows and with it, our team's headcount, I stepped up into a leadership position, owning our core Visualizer and Architect product and taking charge of all its related areas (technology, product, and engineering management).

Now responsible for a cross-functional team of 6 engineers, working on the following:

  • Team's Product Roadmap and coming features (with our CPO)
  • Team's efficiency (looking for ways to measure and improve the way we work)
  • Team's delivery success (tracking and helping the team reach our quarterly goals)
  • Team's happiness (acting as engineering manager - hiring, 1:1s, career progression, etc)
  • Architecture / system-design planning (with out CTO and other team and product leads)

management leadership hiring mentoring architecture product

Sr Software Engineer @ Alpima

Joined Alpima as a Sr Software engineer originally to take care of the migration of the legacy (angularjs) core platform into a new modern react code base. While doing that I also supported the development of new custom client work across the team. Clients such as Natixis, BBVA, etc.

This kind of cross-team work plus the creation of numerous new initiatives and technologies across the company organically took me towards a leadership position and within the year I became product lead, running a team of 4 engineers across different disciplines and owning the project from a technical and product perspective, constantly collaborating with our CTO, CPO, and other teams.

react typescript vite webpack rollup husky redux redux-observable rxjs highcharts formik yup storybook prettier eslint tslint jest react-testing-lib cypress tailwind styled-components express mongoose redis jsreports jenkins

Software Engineer @ Acre

As one of the first engineers in this early stage property-tech startup, I started my time at Acre by creating our stand-alone UI library, focusing on generating solid, well designed and tested reusable components and the tooling around them. After that I spinned off what would become the mobile client portal for end clients to fill up forms, upload documents, etc.

Ultimately I joined what would become the core broker-crm team building widely used features around KYC, identity verification, etc. Becoming familiar too with popular third party APIs such as onfido.

react typescript webpack husky yarn-workspaces apollo-client react-final-form yup docz prettier eslint tslint jest enzyme cypress mocha styled-components apollo-server swagger

Software Engineer @ Jarvin

Took over the entire creation of the MVP for this early stage edtech startup, re-imagining the comunication between lecturers and students during lectures at university. Building for the first time an entire product product from scratch, supporting real-time data and hundreds of simultaneous users on the virtual rooms.

react nextJS prettier eslint react-hook-form sass postcss firebase edge/lambda-functions

Software Engineer @ Capital One

Even though I had already run my own web development agency and been working on multiple commercial projects for a few years, I consider this my first position in the engineering world. Worked within the core web team maintaing the business core web app and as part of the digital transformation we went through with open baking having just become a thing.

react webpack redux storybook jest enzyme cypress css-modules express mongoose mocha chai

Sales Associate @ Apple

Retail experience isn’t something you normally advertise as part of your tech resume, and yet, I think my time working in sales at Apple helped me develop skills I still use on a daily basis: probing people and understanding what they want and being able to communicate your ideas and solutions to their problems in an effective manner. Working as part of a team in a very busy and fast paced environment. Speaking clearly and confidently in public...

sales public-speaking communication team-work

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