When I want to asses a person’s ability and experience with tech, I normally break it down into a few different areas. So I thought it would only be fair for me to break my own in the same areas and expose them to the world here:

🧑‍💻Code written

I want to see some of the code they have written, what language they used, how many libraries and tools are they aware of and know how to use, have they created something cool with these technologies, do they just know how to use them or do they actually truly understand them? I want to see code style, practices, choices, patterns followed, etc.

🏛️Knowledge acquired

Having covered practical, what areas of tech does this person know about from a theoretical perspective? they can clearly build stuff, but do they care about the tools they use to build work? Do they invest time in understanding how things work? Are they that curious?

cs theory? fe? be? devops? data? ml? system design? this the kind of stuff that I would ask questions about on an interview to see what the candidate knows on each topic or going in depth into whichever one of those the candidate is interviwing for.

📱Products built

If they have built something all by themselves (some sort of side project or product - this tends to be something more common in startups and when looking for a well rounded engineer that can wear a few hats rather than a especialist who will be incredibly good at one thing), I care about the quality of the product, the UX, the product thinking (does it actually solve a problem and does it solve it well) the design, the attention to detail, how much do they care when they build something, etc

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